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Initiative IrelandInitiative Ireland is a values-based, ESG Finance Company offering fast and flexible development finance to support the delivery of private, social and affordable housing development across Ireland. We lend to experienced developers and to Approved Housing Bodiesworking as their trusted finance partner. We offer competitive loans for residential developments from €1m to €50m, with fast, fair and flexible terms. We have approved over €100m in loans to date and have capacity to lend up to €300m per annum, to help tackle the housing crisis and environmental crisis, with our ESG Property Finance Loans.

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Social Impact

Initiative Ireland is focused on support the delivery of new housing where it is most needed. That is why we focus on funding social housing and affordable open-market housing developments across Ireland, to help tackle Ireland's ongoing housing crisis. 

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Environmental Impact

We have always focused on funding energy-efficient housing, to radically reduce household carbon footprints and deliver environmental impact. This also helps to reduce the cost of living for financially vulnerable households. All homes are subject to independent Building Energy Rating prior to sale, enabling us to measure environmental benefits. 


ESG Impact

Good Governance

We lend in partnership with global leading Funds and Institutions. As such we operate to high standards, as per our internal policy framework. We also work with independent advisors, to ensure all loans are properly secured and structured and benefit from independent due diligence. All loans are also serviced within our ESG Group.

Future growth

Initiative Ireland

Initiative Ireland was founded in 2015, to create a new sustainable source of ESG Finance available for the delivery of energy-efficient, social and affordable housing in Ireland. In 2017 the company began lending with backing from our Impact Investor Community. We provided funding of €25m to deliver €50m of new housing projects over the following 4 years. In September 2021, we secured the backing of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Fairfield Real Estate Finance for one of Ireland's largest ever alternative housing finance programs. One year later and we have approved over €100m in loans, with goals to finance a further €300m in the next year alone. 

In 2021 Initiative Ireland also announced a new partnership with the Credit Union Development Association (CUDA) to enable Irish Credit Unions to lend up to €600m to Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs), through a new regulated fund. Work in ongoing to bring this strategy to market but once live it will provide AHBs with a new and sustainable source of long-term ESG Finance. 

With these new partnerships, Initiative Ireland is now a leading, competitive and sustainable source of finance for Irish Developers and Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland. In time we hope to expand our offering to become a leading ESG Property Finance Provider in new markets, as we work to tackle the growing and global need for ESG Housing Finance.