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ESG Homes

Support the delivery of energy efficient social and affordable housing with SoenGo

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ESG Health

Support the delivery of Healthcare Services with SoenGo

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ESG Habitat

Support the delivery of Green Energy, Infrastructure, Sustainable Forestry and Farming with SoenGo

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SoenGoOur Impact Investor Community co-funds carefully selected ESG opportunities, to deliver lasting improvements to Housing, Healthcare and Habitats. This is made possible through the SoenGo Crowdfunding Marketplace. 

ESG Housing Finance


We believe access to affordable housing if human right. We also recognise the urgent need to tackle the environmental crisis. That's why we support trusted developers who are looking to deliver energy-efficient, social, affordable and student housing.

ESG healthcare Finance


We're working to support the delivery of healthcare projects inclusive of Nursing Homes, Care Homes and


ESG Environmental investments


We're building new products to support the switch to a Net-Zero economy, including Project Finance for Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture Finance.

Impact account


We began with Initiative Ireland as Ireland's first ESG Property Lending Marketplace. Over time we've grown our community to include Private Investors, Private Pensions, Companies and Institutions and Initiative Ireland has become a leading provider of property finance. As we grow, we want to expand our ESG Impact beyond housing. That's why we've established SoenGo.

With a SoenGo Impact Account you can co-fund housing, healthcare and habitat opportunities which have been carefully selected by our team. Each opportunity comes with detail on the risks and returns but also our Social, Environmental and Governance Score, helping you to fund projects that reflect your values. With 24/7 access, our Impact Investor Community and our Advisor Community will be able to build and manage their diversified ESG Portfolios with ease.  


* When you invest your capital is at risk. For Terms and Conditions visit