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SoenGo "Earn Good, Do Good"

With a SoenGo Impact Account, everyday people can co-fund ESG Loans and Investment Opportunities alongside Private Pensions, Institutions and Corporate Lenders. Investing together to deliver Social, Environmental and Governance Impacts.

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Initiative Ireland

Provides finance to help tackle the affordable housing crisis, with a focus on funding the delivery of energy-efficient, social and affordable housing developments.

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Initiative Asset Management

Managing ESG Loans & Assets on behalf of Global Debt Funds, Investment Banks and our Impact Investor Communities.

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Initiative Financial Services UK

Supporting Family Offices, Financial Advisors and Institutional Investors in the UK to access ESG Investment Opportunities.

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Initiative Financial Services GroupOur companies empower communities and industry to deliver lasting ESG Impact through Financial Innovation.

ESG Investment marketplace


SoenGo empowers our Impact Investor Community of Private Investors, Pensions Funds, Advisors and Institutions to co-fund ESG Loans. Together we deliver measurable Social, Environmental and Governance Impact.


ESG Property Finance

Initiative Ireland

Initiative Ireland is a leading provider of ESG Property Finance, supporting the development of new energy-efficient, social and affordable housing. 



ESG LOan Servicing & Asset management

Initiative Asset Management

Empowering ESG Investors and Lenders to outsource loan servicing and asset management to an ESG Specialist Firm.